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Mozambique: Gold prospecting seen stepped up in Gorongosa region

Prospecting for gold in the Gorongosa region of central Mozambique has been stepped up in recent months, with requests to explore and mine submitted by companies from around the world.



According to data in government mining charts, the "south of the district of Gorongosa, in the area north of Inchope there are indications of gold, making it possible to consider that there is gold-mining potential in the region."

News reports published in Mozambique recently point to six local and foreign companies having since 2012 expressed interest in prospecting for gold in the region, with a Canadian company taking the lead.

Paulo Majacunene, a regional administrator, told Mozambique's Correio de Manhã newspaper that "mining companies from various parts of the world have expressed interest in exploring" for gold and also that a Mozambican company had already mined 27 kilos of gold, "making the prospects encouraging".

Majacunene was also quoted as saying that gold is already been exploited in small quantities by local miners in Manica province.

Gorongosa, in Sofala province, is also home to a National Park that covers more than 8,000 square kilometres. In part of the park, signs of nickel have been found, according to government geological data, while at Maunza, also within its bounds, limestone is mined.

Mozambique's economic growth over the next few years is seen as bound up with the development of the mining industry, as well as energy.

Human rights organisations have, however, warned of a lack of transparency in the contracts between Mozambican state entities and foreign mining companies.




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